08 August 2021


Day 10 ~ heruka body mandala

an assembly of good fortune

Yesterday was a very special day in many ways, with 6,000 people in 70 countries receiving the empowerment of Heruka body mandala granted online for the very first time.

It is almost impossible to find words to describe this extraordinary day. Suffice it to say that, for those of us in the Temple at Manjushri KMC two things quickly became apparent:

  • The extraordinarily intimate and life-changing empowerment we were receiving from Gen-la Jampa - as if we were receiving it directly from Venerable Geshe-la himself
  • A inescapable feeling that were part of a vast assembly of Kadampas throughout the world

As can be seen from the photos and feedback below, which again is just a small selection, this fortunate 6,000 were indeed an assembly of good fortune!

And today our good fortune increases even more as we enter the fourth of the four empowerment sessions and receive the empowerment of Venerable Vajrayogini. How wonderful!

festival podcast

How to keep vows & commitments purely

Gen-la Jampa
Gen-la Jampa
How to keep vows & commitments purely

Finding pure enjoyment

reflections on the empowerment

"Gen-la Jampa gave us a sublime invitation to enter effortlessly into the mandala of Guru Heruka and receive his powerful blessings. As Gen-la said, our kind Spiritual Guide was doing the work for us through his pure compassionate concentration. We just had to bring a good intention, faith and imagination.

"Through this rare and precious assembly of causes we will quickly attain success in our Tantric practice, the union of Heruka’s body and mind and the ultimate goal of our human life. Nothing could be more empowering."


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The foundation of Highest Yoga Tantra realisations

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May I Soon Behold Your Smiling Face

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KMC Austria

international community

the international kadampa family online

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Natalia, Spain


I am the Resident Teacher of KBC Lamrim in Valladolid (Spain) but I am from Galicia - a region in Spain where there is not yet any Dharma. We are in my parents' house in Galicia with two students who live normally in Vask Country but who are also from Galicia. One of them, Nuria, has been my friend since we were 4 years old; she is like a sister to me. And now we have the amazing fortune to be together here and create the causes for Galicia to have Dharma and especially HYT. How wonderful to receive these empowerments and be part of the Heruka and Vajrayoguini family. We can't believe it!!!

Arabella, brasil

image0 (19)

Está sendo emocionante receber esta preciosa iniciação on line juntamente com todos da comunidade Kadampa.

Deste modo nossa intenção de união torna-se forte para obtermos realizações estáveis.

Pude sentir a força enorme de bençãos

vindas do coração de meu precioso guru até meu coração.

Quão precioso é nossos guru!

robyn, australia


Due to a snap lockdown announced two days before HYT Empowerment we were forced to stay at home and not attend the empowerment at the Hub in KMC Melbourne.

Thanks to modern technology, Buddha's blessings conveyed through Gen-la Jampa ensured Alicia and I were happily empowered at home 😊.

two families from brasil

Following the tradition of getting together to enjoy the Kadampa Festivals, to keep our loved IKBU from generation to generation, this time was the turn of the two newest members Matheus and Liam to receive HYT empowerment.

Arthur, 7 years old, and Helena, 8 years old, received at Manjushri in 2015. Since then we encourage ourselves to enjoy this beautiful opportunity to participate in the festivals.

We enjoyed a wonderful Week 1 and now we are delighted with the profound blessings of Highest Yoga Tantra. Very profound teachings and experiences.

Thanks to all the people involved in organising the Festival. Thank you Gen-las for being so inspiring. Thank you Geshe-la for giving us the opportunity to accomplish our human life goal.

May everyone go 'to the 'Dharma side' under Geshe-la's protection.



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There is nothing quite like the festivals for helping us to reconnect with our good heart and strengthen our intention to become someone who can truly benefit others.

This festival has been no exception. Gen-la Dekyong's teachings were extraordinarily powerful and took us right to the heart of Lamrim practice. She skilfully illuminated the teachings in the Mirror of Dharma with Additions and made it so clear that all we need to do is to follow the instructions given to us by our precious Guru and we can all make profound changes to our minds. 

This week we are now being taken deeper into Buddha's teachings, along the quick path to enlightenment. Gen-la Jampa guided us through the Heruka empowerment with such incredible kindness and clarity.

I feel extremely fortunate to be amongst the few who have been able to enjoy this festival at Manjushri KMC. Being here, in the temple, it is easy to feel close to our Guru.  Connecting with sangha has been so nourishing and it is so special to experience being part of Bodhisattva family working towards such a meaningful goal. I hope many more people can come back here soon as there's nothing quite like it.



This is my first time receiving HYT empowerment. Today truly feels like the beginning of the rest of my life.

It is as though every moment up to now has been leading to this. How many lifetimes have I spent praying to find a way out of this cycle of endless suffering? How many aeons have I spent wandering in the dark?

Out of his incredible, immense compassion Venerable Geshe-la has patiently guided me and healed my mental continuum, so that I could one day appear at the east door of the mandala before him. He has given his every breath to make this opportunity appear. There is nowhere to go, nothing to see, no journey more profound than this most sacred one into our hearts we have embarked on today.


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