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12 July 2021

So meaningful to Behold

Enjoy this review of the first week of the Intensive Teacher Training Program as Resident Teachers from Kadampa centers worldwide gather at Manjushri KMC and other locations around the world for three weeks of intensive in-service training with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab.  

French Teachers gathering at KMC France

Romain Abjean, CMK Metz


"How wonderful to spend time with our Sangha friends, to laugh with them and be inspired by them! How wonderful to spend time with our living Guru Shantideva, and his unsurpassed book, Meaningful to Behold! How wonderful to discover and taste his mind of bodhichitta, and to immerse ourselves in it! How fortunate we are!"

Kelsang Gyalwang, Lyon


"Happy to be together with the other Teachers!"

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-06 at 20.21.16

Gen Kelsang Lhassang, Marseille


"I am very fortunate to be attending the ITTP. It is an opportunity to deepen my understanding and experience of the Dharma. It also gives me the opportunity to be inspired by the good example of the other Resident Teachers."

teachers gathering at other centers around the World

Gen Kelsang Wangchog, Mexico

Miguel Vergara, Spain

North America

Brasil KMC

Kailash IRC, Switzerland