31 July 2021


Day 2 ~ supreme protection

the festival begins

Last night, Gen Kelsang Thekchen opened the 2021 Summer Festival online with an inspiring introductory teaching setting the scene for this extraordinary event. One of the people attending the session shared his reflections:

"Unique in its organisation, unprecedented in its worldwide online access, Summer Festival 2021 offers a remarkable opportunity for thousands of people to create real inner spiritual wealth, for this life and beyond.

"Whether alone at home or together in our centre we can create an extraordinary Festival environment for ourselves by developing a special view and listening with wisdom and faith.

"By recognising the Festival as a direct expression of our Spiritual Guide’s compassionate wish, this wisdom and confidence will come easily to our mind and we will take real meaning from the empowerments, teachings and meditations to come."

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Why we are here

Kadampa Buddhism
Kadampa Buddhism
Why we are here

A meditation on listening to Dharma

the blessings of the dharma protector

Today, after two meditations in the morning led by Gen-la Kunsang, Gen-la Dekyong the Spiritual Director of NKT will grant the empowerment of the great Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden. Watch the inspiring video to find out who Dorje Shugden is and the profound meaning of his appearance.

Receiving this empowerment we will draw closer to Dorje Shugden, always coming under his care and protection and receiving extraordinary blessings to enrich and advance our spiritual practice.

How fortunate we are to meet such a kind Wisdom Protector, an emanation of our holy Spiritual Guide!

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Teaching excerpt

The skill of listening to Dharma

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supreme protection

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Joaquim, Spain

KMC Tharpaland

Thomas, UK

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Agui, Belgium


So grateful to receive the empowerment from the Dorje Shugden, the faithful and reliable protector who always offers refuge from within for all of us to receive a rain of blessings.

KMC Sevilla


We are still building the new urban temple in Sevilla, but we are going to receive the empowerment here, in the future gompa!

Matthew, UK


I’m a resident at MKMC and so am one of the fortunate ones able to attend in person in the Temple for World Peace. In the first teaching Gen Thekchen told us that to get the most out of the Festival we can learn and take to heart Buddha’s advice on cultivating the six recognitions. In this morning’s first meditation Gen-la Kunsang, explained how the medicine of Dharma can begin to cure us of the sickness of our delusions. Very precious advice!

Liz, UK


I'm SUPER excited to be receiving the empowerments of Dorje Shugden this weekend and the special Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments next weekend. How wonderful that we can do this online in our homes all around the globe.

Last year I started to prepare for the festival empowerments by sewing fabric for my shrine as an offering to the Buddha's. Here I am preparing some fabric for Dorje Shugden (week 1).

Wishing you all many blessings and spiritual realisations. Have a blissful festival everyone.

Woo, USA


So excited to join sangha from all over the world to receive these precious empowerments and teachings. At a time of such global suffering, how amazing it is to be creating such powerful merit and positive energy together to dedicate to the happiness and freedom of all living beings.




I found the introduction yesterday evening very inspiring. Gen Tekchen personified and explained very clearly and gently the faith and humility we need to really experience powerful results from our listening to Dharma. We learnt  the importance of remembering again and again the six recognitions, and we had a powerful meditation on the first three this morning with Gen-la Kunsang.

Normally our delusions are invisible to us and we're so concerned with our physical health and our present body, but when we reflect on the 1st recognition we become aware that our inner sickness, the delusions in our mind are much more harmful and are our real sickness and we feel we really need to focus now on finding a cure.

This recognition makes me realize that all my daily worries and unhappiness as well as my seemingly big problems in my life, as well as whats coming in my future lives, actually come from my delusions and the negative actions they force me to do.

With the 2nd and 3rd recognitions come the solution... No ordinary doctor or medicine can cure this inner disease, only the pure medicine of Dharma and I have a little experience of this, so I know it's true and that if I continue to take this medicine from my kind Dharma Teacher, Buddha doctor, I will be completely cured and become a Buddha doctor, Dharma medicine and a trained Sangha nurse for others.

Kelsang Chö, Italy


Gen Theckchen’s ear-to-ear smile set the mood for the festival last night at Manjushri KMC, where over a 100 fortunate Kadampas received the teaching in-person. 

Gen Theckchen commented on the unusual amount of legroom for a festival in the temple! Thousands of others listened throughout the world. The joy in the temple was palpable.

What was the main advice? To keep six recognitions in our heart that allow us to really soak up the Dharma. It was inspiring to think that by listening to Dharma with these recognitions we are making a huge investment of spiritual wealth that will lead to enlightenment.

And then this morning we meditated on the first three recognitions - recognising ourself as a sick person, the Dharma as supreme medicine, and our Dharma teacher as the supreme doctor - with the wonderful Gen-la Kunsang to place them firmly in our mind.

Now I feel more receptive to the teachings and really want to practice them. What special preparation for the next two weeks of listening.

Jared, UK

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