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11 June 2021

Taking the prayer to heart in Germany

Post spring festival retreat with gen-la thubten at Tharpaland KMC

Tharpaland KMC just hosted an inspiring post Spring Festival retreat, led by Gen-la Kelsang Thubten

“It was fantastic to receive a very clear and practical presentation on such a profound and unique prayer. People from all over the world had the precious opportunity to attend this beautiful retreat, in person or online. Gen-la’s teachings were so blessed that everyone could understand and put them into practice.

"Gen-la completed his virtual visit to Germany with a Public Talk in Berlin called Abandoning our Bad Habits, which was very well received."

what people said

"Thank you for guiding what has been a delightful retreat on the Lord of all Lineages request prayer. We enjoyed your learning, warm-heartedness and clear guidance a lot. With much love"
Gen Ananda, Tharpaland KMC

"I am speechless! Thank you from the depth of my heart for sharing your profound experience and knowledge in such a 'user-friendly' way."
Antje, Tharpaland KMC

"Thank you very much for these fantastic and very practical teachings about such a profound technique."
Kelsang Tsewang, Tharpaland KMC

"Ich bin überwältigt und ein bißchen benommen."
Vera, Tharpaland KMC

"Thank you for this retreat and golden opportunity ....I'm learning a lot and I feel so peaceful. Thank you Gen-la Thubten for helping us....we shall forever remember your kindness."
Geronimo, USA

"Das Retreat ist wunderbar, ich genieße es so sehr. Ich bin so dankbar für die bedeutsamen und tiefgehenden Lehren. Herzliche Grüße und Euch Allen alles Liebe und Gute"
Angelika, USA

"Thank you so much for all the work behind the scenes to make this post retreat successful! Gen-la Thubten's teachings, which come from his own personal experience, are so, so, so natural, precise and touching! Please kindly send my best regard and deep respect to Gen-la Thubten. Sincerely wish him a very healthy and  long life!

I once paid a short visit to Tharpaland for right before German Festival in November 2018, which leaves me a nice and deep impression about you and Tharpaland, and the sangha friends there were so friendly to me.  I hope I will come there again for retreat someday.Thank you again. With my best wishes and love."
Tong Su from Beijing, China

"Liebes Tharpaland Team, hier schicke ich Euch das gewünschtes Foto mit gabz herzlichem Dank für Eure Arbeit und das außergewöhnliche Retreat. Es berührt mich sehr!"
Christine, Hamburg, Germany

"Thank you, Gen-la, for these profound teachings presented in such a light and accessible way that everyone understands and is able to practice it. I enjoy it so very much!  From the depth of my heart, thank you!"
Annette, Tharpaland KMC

"Thank you so much for your beautiful guidance through the retreat. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, experience and faith for this practice. Now I see the poem with different eyes. Thank you very much."
Oli, Tharpaland KMC

"My sincere thanks for providing us with such meaningful moments and such profound teachings. I would also like to warmly thank the technical team that has worked so hard to make these blessings come so far."
Lucila, Tharpaland KMC

"Thank you for your inspiring and deeply insightful teachings during this post festival Spring Retreat. Impossible to calculate the extent of the importance and profundity of this time we spent. Thank you also for the long meditation. Inestimable value"
Hank, Tharpaland KMC