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10 June 2021


Recently, fortunate practitioners from all around the world, gathered to meditate on the profound teachings given by Gen-la Khyenrab during this year's Spring Festival. Here we feature a few centers that hosted post-festival retreats.


Gen Demo at Bodhisattva KMC, Brighton

"In our post-festival retreat Gen Demo, Midwestern US National Spiritual Director, gave powerful teachings and guided meditations to help us to bring the meaning of The Request to the Lord of all Lineages prayer deep into our heart. She skilfully demonstrated how the truth of Buddha's teachings becomes self evident in everyday life and thus leaves lasting impressions on the mind. Altogether it was a great learning experience for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. Thank you, Gen Demo, for a truly inspiring retreat!"

KMC Washington DC

Gen Sangden at KMC Washington DC, USA

"Following our birthday celebrations for Venerable Geshe-la, students at Kadampa Meditation Center Washington-DC enjoyed the first session of Gen Sangden’s Post-Festival Retreat Friday evening, June 4. Gen Sangden, National Spiritual Director of Kadampa Buddhism in Mexico, Columbia, Chile and Nicaragua, and the Resident Teacher at KMC Mexico, emphasized the key themes of renunciation, bodhichitta, the correct view of emptiness and the two Tantric stages in her teachings and meditations. Thank you Gen Sangden for this meaningful Post Festival Retreat!"


Gen Devi at Kailash IRC, Switzerland

"We enjoyed a powerful live stream and in-person retreat, contemplating and meditating on the sublime and inspiring verses from the prayer 'Request to the Lord of All Lineges'. Gen Devi guided us through all the three scopes, helping us to enhance our experience and understanding of the meaning of the these profound words."

Madhyamaka KMC

Gen Thekchen at Madhyamaka KMC, UK

"We have been so blessed and inspired under the light and joyful guidance of Gen Thekchen to put these wonderful teachings of the Request to the Lord of All Lineages, covering the whole path to enlightenment, into practice in our daily life. We pray that all living beings will swiftly be released from the prison of samsara and find the permanent happiness of liberation and enlightenment."