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17 June 2021

Canadian Festival 2021

How to enjoy a long life, good fortune and wisdom

“Everybody is welcome to participate in the next few days.  And I would suggest we give ourselves a mission… to relax.  Relax into this ocean of Buddha’s teachings, the Dharma. And enjoy, mixing our mind with these pure instructions. I would like to suggest that over the next couple of days, all of us listen carefully to these teachings and put them into practice purely and sincerely.”

With these words, Gen-la Khyenrab introduced the 2021 Online Canadian National Festival.

Excerpt from White Tara Empowerment

Shared insights

Today was a beautiful and meaningful day with the White Tara empowerment that Gen-la Khyenrab granted to us. Theses blessings and instructions gave me the wish to accumulate ever more good fortune. I will not allow untimely death to stop my dharma practice. It’s now the time to do long life practice, no time to waste!

'We received powerful, profound teachings on the seven types of wisdom, all of which we can use to solve our daily problems and avert obstacles. While relaxing in the ocean of the Dharma we received, the last wave of teachings on the sixteen aspects of the four Noble Truths might have woken up some of us.'

'There is no doubt that the Dharma wisdom that flowed through our kind Teacher Gen-la Khyenrab directly to us today was pure blessings. How fortunate we are!'

'What an incredible weekend to encourage ourselves in our practice, to find this inner Spiritual Guide of wisdom and to use our precious human life as an opportunity to accumulate a great amount of merit every day. This way we can fulfil our deepest wish to help all living beings to find everlasting happiness. Now, for the next two days, we can further enjoy taking to heart these Dharma Jewels with the post-festival retreat.'