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08 February 2021

kadam dharma in spain

Kadam Dharma in Spain is flourishing. Here we report on three centers that span almost the length of the county: KMC Spain in Málaga, KMC Madrid and KMC Barcelona in Montserrat.

KMC Spain in the city of Málaga

Besides the main center, which is the site of the new Kadampa Temple for World Peace, KMC Spain also has a beautiful urban temple in the city of Malága where they recently enjoyed a silent retreat meditating on love.

"We felt renewed. Contemplating the kindness of others brought into our daily life, an immense sense of gratitude.

"Our hearts, now, are full of love toward all beings. Is there anything more beautiful than feeling gratitude from thinking about the goodness of others?"

Manjushri empowerment in Madrid

KMC Madrid recently enjoyed a wisdom weekend entitles To be Wise is to be Free with Gen Tsongmo granting empowerment and teachings of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri with Haydeé Lugo guiding the meditations and Vicky Morillas leading the retreat.

"Our precious principal Teacher Guen Tsongmo granted us the Wisdom Buddha empowerment. It was a magical moment when our hearts opened and filled with peace, blessings, wisdom and confidence.

"Now we are sure that Buddha Manjushri is with us, and that whenever we ask him for help, he will guide us."

"Thank you so much."

Fire puja in the Barcelona mountains

At the conclusion of their counting retreat of Vajrayogini, residents and visitors of KMC Barcelona at Montserrat joined in a purifying burning offering (fire puja) presided over by their Resident Teacher Gen Lochani followed by self-initiation.

"There were too many magical moments during this special event to relay here. What a wonderful and meaningful day! Thank you"