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15 January 2021

Time to meditate in the Catskills

KMC New York, in the Catskill Mountains is a perfect place for retreat. It is close enough to New York City to be easily accessible yet far enough away to allow visitors to and enjoy sense of tranquillity and seclusion, away from the busy city energy.

Winter Retreats 2021 underwAY

"We are off to a great start with Winter Retreats this year, with the bulk of our retreaters online and a cozy amount in the Temple. What a great way for us to turn our attention inwards then to dive right into beautiful meditations on renunciation and get the retreat vibe going."

"We have about 15 people in person and about 140 for live streaming. It feels like quite a different winter retreat from the previous years. It feels more intimate and yet, it's the most people we ever had at this retreat!"

1. Tranquil abiding in Arizona

Tranquil abiding in Arizona


Finding peace through meditation in Vancouver

KMC Edinburgh public talk Kadam Bridget

How to make ourself happy

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A strong mind, a mind of peace