21 January 2021

Our hearts remain united

The community at KMC Brasil share the magic of working with their volunteers.

"At the Temple for World Peace in Brasil, we are very fortunate to share our lives with many who come to join us for varying lengths of time as volunteers and so forth. While they are with us we practice together, benefit others together, and most important, enjoy our precious human life in extremely meaningful ways.

"When they return to their regular life, they take with them an experience of a better world for all and the peace that they were able to cultivate in the Temple for World Peace. In this way, our hearts remain united and we share the certainty that it is possible to live in peace and harmony.

"Everyone is welcome!"

Here we pay tribute to some of the precious volunteers who came to help the Temple in January 2021.



What an opportunity to start the year doing maintenance in the Temple - and inside the mind! Volunteer work in Kadampa centers is very special. Besides enjoying this beautiful and peaceful place, we can receive precious teachings and share very meaningful moments. We work so that other people have the same opportunity, it is wonderful!

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I came, with my friend to celebrate my birthday in a different way, sharing moments of peace and inspiration. A true "love, eat and pray" but not necessarily in this order!

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When we arrive here, we want to promote true happiness by giving love. But we also receive and feel the joy of being useful and benefiting others.



Meaningful holidays to get the year off to a good start!

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It's aways inspiring to visit the Temple and participate in the activities there. This time I'm a volunteer and it's a great pleasure to help the Temple being organised, beautiful and safe so that everyone can benefit by visiting. I couldn't think of a more meaningful way to start 2021 - meeting and making new friends and witnessing the good example shown by amazing people!

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I have always come to the Temple to do retreats, festivals or receive teachings. But this time I decided to spend my birthday here and instead of receiving, I decided to give. I came as a volunteer to help and ended up knowing even more deeply how beautiful it is to live together with altruistic and beneficial people. It is beautiful and inspiring here. I recommend it to everyone.

Kadam Milo

Kadam Milo (Resident Teacher of CBK Lamrim, Santos), Close retreat

I have been invited to conduct this very deep, close retreat; and I also have the opportunity to deepen myself in this precious practice in this blessed place.