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22 January 2021

Building developments at KMC France

Previously we reported on a building development at KMC France where ten new chalets are under construction.

"These improvements are to give more opportunities for people to stay longer so they can disconnect from their busy daily life, relax and recharge by joining in the courses given every day at the center. And especially so that they can take back a little of the quietness of KMC France and a taste of inner peace. The chalets will also provide an opportunity for families to visit KMC France for holidays."

Here is an update on their progress and a chance to hear from two of the workers about their experience:

"A stunning view of the future temple"

"The chalets are built in groups of five along the long wall of the park.

"The grass is being renewed and trees and bushes will be planted between each chalet for more privacy.

"Each chalet has a private terrace as well as a bay window - with soon a stunning view of the new Temple!

"They are beautiful! People will love them"

Meet two of the workers

Alex and Julika came to KMC France to be part of the building Team. They kindly accepted to answer some questions about their work and experience. Here is what they say.

What brought you to KMC France?

Alex: Two years ago I came to KMC France for my first retreat, and I loved it! Since, I came back several times, until I took the decision to stay here for a few months, in order to immerse myself in the atmosphere of this beautiful place.

Julika: I come from Germany, from the region of Hamburg.
I discovered KMC France through the site Workaway.
I was already interested in meditation, watching videos on the Internet.

How did you come to work on the chalets ?

Alex: I asked to work on the chalets because I already had some knowledge of renovation and manual work. But, in the end, there is no need for it if you simply have the wish to help and are able to respect the safety instructions.  It's very rewarding to build them for people coming here wishing to recharge their energy!

Julika: I had my first experience with Workaway on a construction site, rather outdoors, where I discovered a different kind of work. I mostly did interior work, installing partitions and insulation.

What are yougetting from this work experience?

Alex: Physically, it can be exhausting. But the hours are flexible, with weekends off.  Internally, it's like doing a therapy. There are days when everything goes well, the work goes well, the mind goes well,etc. And on other days everything goes wrong!

But what's fantastic is that you can talk about it freely. If you have a problem, you just talk about it and, together with the team, we find solutions. Internal solutions and external solutions. I've already learned a lot about how to deal with my frustrations, working with the chalet building Team.
It's a really good opportunity to do so.

Julika: I learnt to discover what I intended to do when I was working. Was it to impress the building manager? Was it to show what I was capable of? Was it for the people who were going to come in this chalet? Would they notice the good work we have done? (laught)

I also had to deal with the mistakes I made and understand how did it happen. Was it because I misunderstood the instructions? Or because I lacked concentration? Or because of my wish of perfection?

The manager helped me to understand all this and thus make a lot of progress in my work.

What do you think of these chalets?

Alex: I love them! They are discreet and don't take much space on the grounds. They have a superb view at the chateau and will have an incredible view on the future Temple. The landscaping around the chalets is a work in progress too. The result will be simply amazing.

Julika: I think people will really enjoy them, especially if they want to be a little bit isolated from the chateau. The layout of the chalets, facing the future Temple, is really fantastic. What a wonderful view !