21 November 2020

celebrating spiritual power in mexico

"We share the photographs of how we're enjoying the amazing Dharma Celebration in different parts of Mexico.

"What great fortune to be able to receive these instructions and advice from Buddha wherever we are.

"During the Celebration we received empowerment and teachings on The Yoga from Buddha Vajrapani and the practice of 5 forces from our beloved National Spiritual Director, Guen Kelsang Sangden. How wonderful!

"The meditations were guided by Guen Kelsang Oden and at the end the retreat was led by Guen Kelsang Chime

"We have received the special blessings of Buddha Vajrapani, an enlightened being whose function is to destroy our mental disturbances and give us special power in the body and mind.

"Thank you Venerable Geshe-la, thak you Guen Sangden, and everyone else who made this very special occasion possible."