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19 May 2020

Spring 2020 Temple banner - only use this one as it is translated

- 3 days ~ The mind unlocked

today's video ~ Becoming Vajrapani by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, 2008

just three days to go

After so many weeks in lockdown it might be easy to forget that it is only our bodies that are confined - our minds are free to go wherever we wish.

And this week we will have a precious opportunity to visit the mother center of Kadampa Buddhism - Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in the English Lake District, from which the 2020 International  Spring Festival will be streamed.

kadampa podcast

Making the Decision to Only Cherish Others

Making the Decision to Only Cherish Others
Gen-la Khyenrab

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Reversing our Ordinary Childish Attitude

visit the mother center in your mind

For weeks now Manjushri KMC has been closed to the public, but as we shall see over the next few days, it is by no means deserted but remains as always a thriving hub of modern Kadampa Buddhism.

Residents and volunteer visitors who remained after lockdown, while observing the requirements of social distancing, have been busy keeping the center functioning and helping to make it ready for when it reopens.

And as you can see below, while you have been away the center has been enjoying a delightful spring. Some of our other residents who live in the grounds seem to be growing in number and size as they enjoy the tranquility of the woods with almost no human intrusion.

who will be at the festival?

At this special virtual gathering we will see and hear from thousands like-minded people throughout the world. Over the next few days you will have the opportunity to meet some of them and read their stories in the photo section below.

Katrina from Sydney


I daydream about attending our Kadampa Festivals - they are definitely my happy place - the perfect teachings, the blessings, and being surrounded by my precious sangha.

I live in Australia and it’s been a long time since I attended an International Festival. But I’ve continued to wish for it.

Now my wish is coming true! The Spring Festival will reach me here in Sydney. I will receive the perfect teachings and blessings, and be surrounded (throughout the world!) by my precious sangha.

Welcome Vajrapani to my home.

Joaquín from Chile

Mi nombre es Joaquín Navarro, soy de Chile, espero para este Festival, la iniciación de Buda Vajrapani, para que mis obstáculos, y el de los demás, sean pacificados, y poder seguir avanzando en mi camino hacia la iluminación.

Eduardo from Colombia


My name is Eduardo and I want to attend this Spring Festival as an offering to my Spiritual Guide. Through his kind teachings I have been able to establish in my heart some wonderful Dharma, which is very helpful for coping with the conditions in today's world.

I'm Colombian, and currently working from home, living the benefits of daily Dharma Kadam practice and trying to spread them around me. Thanks from the depths of my heart venerable Gueshe-la.

Kelsang Dana from Sydney


I’m imagining thousands of Kadampas all over the world receiving Buddha Vajrapani’s powerful special blessings in their homes and their home towns - lighting up the world. I can’t wait for Spring Festival 2020.

Don't miss out
If you have not yet registered for this  extraordinary event there is still time to do so. Visit the Festival website and unlock your mind.