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18 May 2020

Worlds apart in name only

Two recent events perfectly illustrate the power and reach of Kadam Dharma online, and the magical way the Holy Spiritual Guide touches our hearts through the virtuous use of modern technology.

KMC Spain recently held its first online empowerment. 270 people gathered online to receive the blessing empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa and commentary to the practice of Heart Jewel from Gen Kelsang Chokga, National Spiritual Director for Spain and Portugal, and Resident Teacher at KMC Spain.

Earlier KMC Chile hosted the Chile National Dharma Celebration with Gen Kelsang Sangden, National Spiritual Director of Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia & Chile and Resident Teacher at KMC Mexico. Over 200 people received the empowerment and commentary of Buddha Green Tara.

Although on the map these two events were worlds apart, in the mind the people taking part gathered in the same place - the heart of the Venerable Spiritual Guide.

And this is the magic of the Spiritual Guide. If we have pure faith and correct imagination we can gather online and receive the blessings of an empowerment while our body remains at home.

There will be a precious opportunity to receive an online empowerment, together with teachings, guided meditations and retreat, at the first online International Spring Festival beginning this week. At this event we will join with literally thousands of people around the world.

If you have not already done so, you can book on the Festival website.

first online empowerment at KMC Spain

chile national dharma celebration