28 May 2020

Back to school at Manjushri KMC

After breaking for the Spring Festival, the students on the Intensive Teacher Training Program at Manjushri KMC resume their studies with Gen-la Khyenrab on Monday.

They will continue until August, when those who complete the program successfully will become eligible to become Resident Teachers at Kadampa centers around the world.

During their break the students have shown an impressive example, diligently working in many areas to help the center and especially the Festival.

But perhaps most noticeable has been their contribution to the activities in the Art Studio where they have helped to cast and finish thousands of miniature statues of the Holy Spiritual Guide.

These statues are now being shipped to centers all over the world where they will become available to anyone who wishes for them.

Watch the videos at the top and bottom of  this page to see how the students have transformed the current adverse conditions into their spiritual path: