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02 December 2019

The Kadampa family's purpose

Gen-la has concluded her extraordinary teachings at Manjushri KMC this weekend, and the students have settled into 2 days of retreat with Gen Nyingpo.

It has been a very powerful and inspiring time, helped all the more by clear blue skies offering perfect external conditions for enjoying the peace and beauty of the center's  grounds, walks to the beach and much more.

We finish with another inspiring excerpt from Gen-la's teachings in which she encourages us to understand and live according to the Kadampa family's purpose - an exquisite teaching revealing a special union of wisdom and compassion.

Next special weekend with Gen-la
Gen-la will be teaching another special weekend course at Manjushri KMC in February 2020 called How to Destroy the Cycle of Suffering at which she will grant the Buddha Shakyamuni empowerment and give teachings on the Wheel of Life. Bookings now open.