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03 December 2019

Turning to Our Spiritual Mother

They came from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands to receive empowerment and  teachings from Gen-la Jampa.

Lay and ordained, young and old - almost 200 people gathered at Tharpaland KMC to enjoy the German Kadampa Festival these last few days.

Gen-la Jampa, Deputy Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, granted the blessing empowerment of Arya Tara and taught about faith - what faith is, how important it is for our spiritual growth, and how to develop and increase our faith.

In particular, Gen-la talked about faith in Guru Tara - how we can see Tara as our Spiritual Mother and turn to her mentally, just as when we were young we turned to our worldly mother for help and guidance. It was a very powerful and moving teaching that touched the hearts of everyone present.

And through contemplation and meditation everyone strove to take these precious teachings deeper into their heart to carry home and share with others.

See at the bottom of the page what people said about this blissful event.

what people said


I like this Dharma Festival because it is about a female Buddha who I feel a strong connection with. It's so precious to have somebody in your life always caring for you.

I also like to have the opportunity to deepen my understanding, to share meaning and experience and to be committed to practice Arya Tara's sadhana. The teachings help me to gain a new perspective on people being emanations of Arya Tara in my life.

Catalina | München/Colombia


Community is important for me.

Here at this Festival like-minded people meet, and everyone is very open-minded. We meet up with old friends and develop new friendships.

The connection is alive, and we enjoy support and companionship.

Albert | Frankfurt/Main


In general Tharpaland is a very inspiring place for me.

It is a place where I receive powerful teachings and learn to understand Kadam Dharma more deeply.

I take back home so much that can be helpful to improve my daily activities and inspire others.

Bernd | Wien/Österreich


Since I was in my mother's womb I have been to a Festival every year.

Because sometimes it is exhausting at school, I enjoy very much to process things here and relax. I think it is very calming and pleasant to listen to teachings.

Also I meet friends and can play with other children. I wish more children would come and join in.

Manuela | Braunschweig