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06 September 2019

Solving Conflicts and Problems through Prayer

Over 80 people attended a special day course with Gen Tonglam at KMC Hong Kong learning how to find inner peace in the midst of conflicts and problems. Gen Tonglam started the course by explaining what happiness and suffering are and why our own inner peace is the real source of happiness.

He then explained the nature of mind and guided a meditation on identifying our very subtle mind, teaching us how to connect with our pure nature. He encouraged us to understand the difference between outer and inner problems and to know that our real enemy is our delusions. He also explained how everyone’s wishes for happiness and freedom from suffering are the same, and he guided a powerful meditation on equalising self and others.

Lastly, Gen Tonglam kindly shared Venerable Geshe-la's supreme teaching on how we as Buddhists can practically solve the problems and conflicts of the world through prayer.

We concluded the course by engaging in a special dedication prayer to Buddha Shakyamuni:

May everyone in every area pacify their negativities, wrong views, extreme views and selfish intentions. May they experience correct views and intentions and follow correct paths. We pray for everybody throughout the world to become friends with each other, maintain good relationships, and enjoy harmony everywhere.