27 May 2019

Spring Festival 2019

Day 4

Spiritual Friends

“Whatever happens today,
I'm going to be victorious over my delusions...”

Festival life


There's something quite different about the friends you make at Festivals - spiritual friends.

Everyone at a Festival shares a common vision and intention, and that's what binds us together.

We listen together, meditate together, discuss together and work together. But most of all we laugh together.

You meet all kinds of people at a Festival, from many different countries and cultures, and yet there are no barriers to communication, least of all language!

My First Festival

Kamila smiling

"Its a wonderful experience. Like a pure land.
I've experienced so much kindness.
There are no barriers between people.
Everyone is a friend. You can be alone
to meditate or sit next to a random person
and have a conversation."

Kamila Gajewska | Rome, Italy

Everyone is friendly and everyone is your friend. And that's what's different about spiritual friends. The friendships are not based on discrimination - preferring one person over another - but on good hearts. Kindness, respect and shared joy in Dharma are the stuff these friendships are made of. And you know they will last a lifetime, even if you live continents apart.

Hundreds of people with good hearts cherishing each other, without a frowning face to be seen or an angry word to be heard. Where else can we find such friendship?

These International Festivals truly are the embryos of world peace. Thank you Venerable Geshe-la for creating them.

What people are saying

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Ling Lai


“Daily contact with my spiritual friends shows me how to practise Dharma at all times and inspires me to develop good qualities and virtuous intentions.

Nyima Kelsang

Kelsang Nyima

Stockholm, Sweden

“Spiritual Friends are very precious. From one point of view, even more important then a teacher. Because I spend so much more time with sangha compared to my teacher and they always help me keep a happy and peaceful mind.”

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Mick Marcon

Newcastle, Australia

“Sangha friends are virtuous friends. The support network we need to begin and make progress on the spiritual path”