13 February 2019

A thousand pounds can't make us happy


This weekend Gen-la Dekyong, the Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, gave a master class in teaching modern Kadampa Buddhism.

The occasion was a public talk in the World Peace Temple to which the people of the local area were invited.

At the beginning, Gen-la guided a simple meditation that anyone could take home and do.

She then gave a powerful explanation of what meditation is and the many benefits of finding ten to fifteen minutes a day to do some - and especially what a great kindness it is to others for us to practice meditation.

It was a powerful and inspiring morning in the Temple, and afterwards people were able to relax in Manjushri’s grounds and cafe, or on the beach - and some even managed to take in a guided tour of the Kadampa Art Studio.

We look forward to many more such days.

Please enjoy the video and photos.

1. Tranquil abiding in Arizona

Tranquil abiding in Arizona


Finding peace through meditation in Vancouver

KMC Edinburgh public talk Kadam Bridget

How to make ourself happy

DSCF2129 2

A strong mind, a mind of peace