An exceptionally rare & precious opportunity

In the second two weeks of January 2019, Manjushri KMC will offer a guided retreat on Vajrayogini entitled Emptiness and Bliss led by Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU.

This is an exceptionally rare and precious opportunity to be guided in meditation over a two-week period by this wonderful Teacher.

Before that there will be two weeks of retreat on training the mind (lojong) entitled Becoming a Bodhisattva led by Gen Kelsang Rabten, Resident Teacher of KMC Brisbane and National Spiritual Director of Australasia & South East Asia.

Two wonderful retreats with two wonderful Teachers. A precious opportunity not to be missed! You can attend either or both retreats for the whole retreat or just for a few days. To find out more and book online visit:

During the month of January an exceptional peace falls upon Manjushri KMC as the centre enters into retreat mode.

Inside the Temple where the retreat takes place you feel the extraordinary blessings from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche having taught, given empowerments and made prayers in that holy place for so many years. For Kadampas there is not a more blessed place in this world.

To join a retreat at Manjushri during this special time, even for a few days, is an experience you will always treasure.


The January retreats at Manjushri are magical. The conditions are perfectly set up for developing concentration and deepening our understanding of Dharma. An unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend even if only for a week.
Marie-Claire UK

Doing the January retreat at Manjushri was one of the most magical experiences of my life. It gave me an opportunity to go deeper into my meditation, wrapped in the cocoon of Geshe-la’s kindness. It also gave me a taster for wanting to do longer retreats in the future.
Sarah, South Africa

The experience we gain from a retreat at MKMC is life-changing, so healing ! And beneficial also for the people we return home to afterwords.
Kelsang Lobma, Germany

I very much enjoyed my one-month January retreat at Manjushri KMC with the first two weeks on Sutra and the second two on Tantra. It was such a beautiful time to lead my concentration through Lamrim to the Pure Land of Keajra. My heart was deeply touched and my wisdom mind increased. A truly wonderful retreat.
Kelsang Nyema, China

Each retreat is a precious experience in which Buddha’s teachings fill my heart and little by little they endow me with more protection and strength.
Denise, Portugal

Engaging in the January retreat at MKMC was truly the most magical time of the year for me, a time of stillness, deep reflection and spiritual immersion in such a blessed, powerful place.
Kelsang Tharlam, Singapore

Doing retreat at MKMC is the perfect choice if you’re looking for somewhere serene and quiet to focus on your practice. MKMC is surrounded by beautiful scenery. When you walk to the beach, in the woods and grounds you see many people reading or meditating. The whole experience is wonderful and peaceful.
Yilei, UK

Retreat at Manjushri is like a deep tour of our Dharma practice. So wonderful to have retreats led by such great Teachers.
Mavis, China

Retreat is the best kind of holiday, during which I can concentrate on deepening my experience of Buddha’s teachings and thereby stabilise my level of inner peace: it is a special time for gaining more understanding of my mind and of the freedom we can all gain from this Path.
Hannah-May, UK

A special opportunity to look into our heart and go deeper into the teachings.
Jana, Spain

Take a break from delusions! The blessings I received during retreat in MKMC gave me the precious gift of my Bodhisattva’s ordination.
Kelsang Shinchog, Colombia

It’s beautiful to witness every cell, every thought and every moment turn into utter bliss. A fantastic way to take away the winter blues
Deiva, UK

It was wonderful to gather my attention and experience a taste of mental peace through the sessions – and very rewarding to become more mindful of others !
Alix, France

There is nothing more rewarding than to immerse yourself in retreat at our mother centre, MKMC, to step into a different world for a short time and let everything be organised for you. All you have to do is allow yourself to gain a deeper experience of meditation, guided by leading Teachers in the tradition. Just perfect for anyone with a busy life.
Jeff, UK

A special and magical place – everyone should visit. Beautiful ,with perfect conditions to go deeper into our experience of inner peace. The inspiring companionship of the fellow retreaters makes the retreat a really happy time.
Kelsang Osel, Chile

It is the best way to start your year. No better new year’s resolution to have! I want to be happy, for others to be happy and improve my mind!
Sam, UK

The best experience I had so far in meditation was during a renunciation retreat at MKMC. I think it is a very blessed and special place.
Julia, Brasil

My month’s retreat at MKMC gave me the opportunity to lay the foundation to gain and deepen my understanding of the beauty of Kadam Dharma – and that still enfolds itself every day in my life in a new way.
Kelsang Chenma, Switzerland

Learning about my capacity for change in the New Year course was so liberating and gave me a fresh start for the new year, The teachings have deeply affected my life. Manjushri centre itself is such a wonderful and peaceful place to do retreat or just relax. I would highly recommend going there to anyone!”
Jared, UK