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01 October 2018

After each of the three International Festivals, local Kadampa centers around the world organise follow-up retreats to give participants time to absorb the meaning of the teachings and empowerments they have just received.

If you are thinking of joining a retreat, here is a list of the post Fall Festival retreats for this year. Hope you get a chance to enjoy one

International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon
Oct 19 – 24

The Heart Practices of Training the Mind

with Gen Kelsang Khedrub, Resident Teacher at KMC Washington & Gen Kelsang Sanden, Resident Teacher at KMC Vancouver

This retreat will be based on the teachings at the International Fall Festival. Over the weekend, the meditations will focus on the Sutra teachings on Training the Mind, Lojong. Starting on Monday morning the meditations will focus on the Tantric practice of Buddha Amitayus. Everyone is welcome to any part of the retreat.

More information and booking

Mahakaruna Kadampa Meditation Centre, Barcelona
Oct 12 – 16

How to Live a Life of Great Good Fortune and Wisdom

with Gen Kelsang Togden, Resident Teacher at KMC Brazil

We will engage in the practice of Amitayus, Buddha of Long Life. By sincerely relying upon Amitayus and receiving his blessings, we can increase our lifespan, wisdom and positive energy.

More information and booking

Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong
Oct 13 – 14

How to Live a Life of Good Fortune and Wisdom

with Gen Kelsang Rabten, Resident Teacher of KMC Brisbane and National Spiritual Director for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

After receiving the blessing empowerment of Buddha Amitayus and teachings on The New Eight Steps to Happiness during the Fall Festival, we have the opportunity to engage in a retreat to deepen our experience of the practice and learn how to apply these teachings in our daily life.

Teachings in English with Cantonese and Mandarin translation

More information and booking

Kadam Dharma International Retreat Centre, Menorca
Oct 12 – 17

Emptiness and Empathy

with Kadam Morten Clausen, the Eastern US National Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center New York City

Join us in this event and deepen your understanding and experience of the teachings and empowerment received during the Fall Festival 2018. In this retreat we will take Ven. Geshe-la’s Eight Steps to Happiness, emphasizing especially the extraordinary practice of exchanging self with others, that unifies emptiness and empathy, so as to experience this transformative wisdom in our heart.

More information and booking

Kadampa Meditation Centre Spain, Malaga
Oct 12 – 17

Buddha Amitayus Practice

with Gen Kelsang Tonglam, National Spiritual Director for East Asia and Resident Teacher of KMC Taiwan and KMC Hong Kong.

Set in the beautiful and blessed environment of KMC Spain, a wonderful opportunity to deep our understanding and practice of meditation.

More information and booking

Kailash International Retreat Centre, Torbel
Oct 12 – 19

Amitayus Long Life Retreat

with Gen Kelsang Ananda,

This retreat will provide the perfect opportunity to take the teachings from NKT-IKBU Fall Festival 2018 deep into our heart in the peaceful and relaxed environment of Kailash IRC.

More information and booking

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