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11 September 2018

Especially through my meditation on the three aspects of love
May I always care for all living beings without exception,
Be free from outer and inner obstructing maras,
And attain the state of the Buddha of Loving Kindness.

With these words from The Yoga of Buddha Maitreya, Guen Kelsang Chokga encouraged us to integrate the practice of loving kindness into our daily life and strive to attain full enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.

The occasion was the Northern Spain Dharma Celebration held this weekend at KMC Montserrat, which was attended by almost 200 people from northern and eastern Spain.

Guen Kelsang Chokga, the National Spiritual Director of Spain and Resident Teacher at KMC Madrid, granted the empowerment and commentary of Buddha Maitreya and gave practical teachings from The New Eight Steps to Happiness on the three types of love.

Seeing the best in others
Guen Chokga reminded us that if we keep seeing faults in others and do not notice their kindness we should try to change the way we see people through training in meditation on love.

She encouraged us to memorize the dedication verse from The Yoga of Buddha Maitreya mentioned above and carry that wish in our hearts at all times.

The introduction to the celebration was given by Kadam Ximo Martínez, the Resident Teacher at Centro Budista Kadampa Duldzin in Valencia, the meditations were led by Kelsang Rigma, the Resident Teacher at Centre Budista Kadampa Potala in Mallorca, and the retreat was led by Guen Kelsang Lochani, Resident Teacher at Centro de Meditación Kadampa de Barcelona.


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