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Fall Festival - Hotel Availability Update

Fall Festival Accommodation Update

The following rooms are still available for the Fall Festival at KMC New York, 17-23 October,2014.

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Two very special reasons to come to the Fall Festival

Gen-la's Fall

Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, NKT-IKBU General Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre UK, will guide the daily meditations and lead the 2 day retreat. This is a rare and special opportunity to receive meditation and retreat guidance from Gen-la Dekyong.

Gen-la Kelsang Kyenrab, retired NKT-IKBU General Spiritual Director, National Spiritual Director of Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, and Resident Teacher of KMC Singapore will grant the empowerment of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri and give teachings on How to Understand the Mind. As Gen-la Khyenrab is based mainly in Asia, this is a rare and special opportunity to receive teachings from him in North America..

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Fall Festival Inspiration


The NKT-IKBU International Fall Festival 2014 is sure to be a wonderful event deeply enjoyed by all those who attend.

Kadampa Meditation Center New York is the perfect environment to enjoy a meaningful and inspiring spiritual holiday.

Experience modern Buddhism in action, receive inspiring teachings, meet and reunite with like-minded friends, and relax and enjoy the peaceful and scenic environment of the Kadampa World Peace Temple.

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Follow the International Summer Festival 2014 live on social media

Follow Summer 2014

You can keep up-to-date with the latest photos, quotes and videos live from the Festival. Simply follow the official NKT Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+.

Share your own photos & inspiration from the Festival by including the hashtag #KadampaSummer2014 in your social media posts.

Please enjoy and share this special spiritual holiday.

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Fall Festival 2014 Booking Opens Tomorrow, July 16 at 1pm UK Time


NKT-IKBU International Fall Festival 2014
Buddha Manjushri Empowerment and Teachings
with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab at KMC New York
OCT 17 – 23

http://kadampafestivals.org/fall – Booking open July 16 – 1pm UK Time

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