Creando arte para el templo de Málaga

La oportunidad de formar parte de este extraordinario proyecto

Yesterday we posted the latest news on the construction of the sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Málaga, Spain. How would you like to be part of this amazing project?

Many volunteers from all different backgrounds join us each year in the Kadampa Art Studio. There is no skill level required. If you feel that you have a good eye for detail, like working with your hands or just want to try something new, then join us. The best skill is a wish to help!

Everyone who volunteers first starts in our finishing department to receive all the necessary training. In finishing the statues and temple ornaments are inspected; checking for any imperfections, then they are sanded and small repairs are made using different methods until the surface is ready for painting.

In the casting department, volunteers can help cast Buddha statues and many different objects for the Temple, and in the boxing department volunteers work with wood to create the custom designed crates for the statues, made to ship worldwide. We also have mold-making, painting and gilding departments that volunteers also might find themselves helping in.

Working on these beautiful statues and objects that will eventually decorate the sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace is the perfect way to journey deeper into the practice of meditation and learn more about Buddhism while giving your help with kindness.

To apply please visit the volunteer page on the MKMC website

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