When does a Festival end?

It doesn’t. During the time we are assembled we receive teachings and empowerments and try to take their meaning to heart in meditation. And in between sessions we learn in very practical ways how to apply the teachings in our interactions with others. But even when we have left the Festival site we continue to … Read more

Health, happiness and harmony

Today is the last day of the Festival and, as is customary, we concluded with a viewing of the video of The Life of Buddha. As Venerable Geshe-la says in his talk at the end, this is not an ordinary play but a correct direction we should take if we want to accomplish the real … Read more

Retreat – the icing on the cake

Today we enjoyed the first full day of retreat on the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus. It is such a privilege to be able to spend time with so many sincere meditators taking the teachings to heart and mixing our mind with their meaning. The retreat is led by Gen Kelsang Chogka, the NKT-IKBU National Spiritual … Read more

Discovering the real meaning of inner peace

‘Inspiring’, ‘Refreshing’, ‘Relaxing,’ ‘Profound’. We asked people what their experience of the Festival has been and these are just a few of the universally positive responses we received. The extraordinary empowerments, teachings and meditations have taken us to a place of profound inner peace. And the kindness, joy and inspiring company of everyone attending the … Read more

Creating a pure world through Kadam lojong

Today Gen-la began teaching Kadam lojong, which is part of Kadam lamrim, based on Venerable Geshe-la’s book,The New Eight Steps to Happiness. By relying on the practices of lojong, or training the mind, we can solve all our daily problems and complete the path to enlightenment. Gen-la emphasized that these are not two different processes … Read more

The oral instruction of the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus

Today Gen-la gave a brief commentary to the precious practice of the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus, which Venerable Geshe-la himself composed many years ago before coming to the West. Gen-la said that Venerable Geshe-la told him that this practice is a precious oral instruction. This sadhana includes all the essential practices of generation and completion … Read more