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09 August 2022


Welcome to the 2022 Summer Festival

DAY 11 ~ Manifestations of kindness

This wonderful Festival is a manifestation of the great kindness in the heart of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. It is his wish that we gather three times a year for international Festivals and enjoy teachings, meditations and prayers as an international family. Each time we do we feel more and more the great kindness at Venerable Geshe-la's heart and experience more and more deeply his extraordinary vision.


Meditating step by step

kindness in action

The entire Festival is run by people attending the Festival who volunteer their time and energy to help it run smoothly. 

festival podcast

How we are controlled by our mind

Gen-la Jampa
Gen-la Jampa
How we are controlled by our mind

Understanding the mind by understanding its power

Kindness in Action