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26 June 2024

Outreach Events

In June, IKRC Grand Canyon in the US, KMC Tharpaland in Germany, and Vajrayogini KBC in Brazil organized outreach events to create connections with their local communities. Enjoy these fun events below.


IKRC GRand Canyon - local market

In early June 2024, two volunteers from IKRC Grand Canyon represented the Kadampa Temple for World Peace at the Flagstaff Urban Market. They set up a tent and displayed several books by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, as well as promotional materials for upcoming events at the Temple. The event provided a valuable outreach opportunity to build connections and increase the Temple's visibility within nearby local communities.

Tharpaland annual summer party

In late June, KMC Tharpaland organized its annual summer party, a community dinner on the terrace of Schloss Sommerswalde. The event brought together people from Berlin, the local neighborhood, and Tharpaland residents to spend time together and inspire one another. The gathering was a great success.

Talk & MANTRA CHANTING in Brazil

Over 200 people chanted Avalokiteshvara's mantra "OM MANI PAME HUM" for 7 minutes at a public talk about training the mind at the SESC sports gym in Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil.

The event, called Meditation is also an Exercise! How to Train the Mind, took place on June 16 and was created and organized by Vajrayogini KBC with space provided by SESC. Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Chime demonstrated how Buddha's teachings on the mind offer a vision of a fully healed mind and permanent liberation from suffering.

Gen Chime invited the audience to participate in a practical exercise, chanting the mantra "OM MANI PAME HUM" for 7 minutes and observing its healing effects on the mind.

Vajrayogini KBC, located in the city of Jundiaí, is the closest Center to the Temple for World Peace at KMC Brazil, a 25-minute drive away. The Center has been operating for over 25 years with the same Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Chime.

SESC is a private organization supported by entrepreneurs in business, tourism, and services. It provides professionals working in these industries and their family members opportunities to improve well-being and quality of life.

Face of Vajrayogini

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NKT-IKBU - Kadampa - Asia -Hong Kong - IMG_3323

Creating an Extraordinary Life in Hong Kong

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