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01 June 2024

Drawing closer to Buddha

Several centers took an important step forward during the month of May, organizing special ceremonies (at KMC France and KMC Slovenia) and special courses (at KMC Hong Kong and  Lamrim KBC in Valladolid, Spain).

 taking the bodhisattva's vow - kmc france

Do you want to be able to help more than just a little?

To be able to help an infinite number of people, we need to acquire an infinite capacity to help. By lovingly contemplating how living beings suffer, we generate bodhichitta, the mind that aspires to the complete awakening of a Buddha, and follow the Bodhisattva's way of life by practicing the six perfections.

This is the meaning of taking the Bodhisattva's vow. This is what many people present at this ceremony at KMC France were doing together in May.

It was so uplifting!

Being with Buddha - kmc hong kong

In May at KMC Hong Kong, Gen Tonglam gave a teaching on Buddhist Faith based on Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's book Modern Buddhism and a short commentary on the Liberating Prayer during a day course called 'Being with Buddha'.

It was a special day and we all felt deep gratitude to our Resident Teacher Gen Tonglam, to Kadampa Teacher Josie Man who led the meditations, and to all those who attended.

Special visit of Gen Kelsang Chokga to Valladolid

This weekend in Valladolid (Spain) the practitioners of Lamrim KBC enjoyed some very inspiring teachings from their National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Chokga.

At a public talk Gen Chokga explained how to develop the three wisdoms of listening, contemplation and meditation.

Then during a course at our Dharma Center, Gen Chokga shared Advice from Atisha's Heart, precious advice with a lot of wisdom that gives us a guide on how to act if we want to stay happy in our lives.

And to bring this advice even closer to our hearts, we engaged in a beautiful short retreat with our Resident Teacher, Kadam Natalia.

Thank you, dear Gen Chokga, for your visit and for sharing precious moments with the Valladolid Sangha.

Mahayana Refuge Vow Ceremony - KMC SLOVENIA

wSlovene Kadampa practitioners recently had the good fortune to receive the Mahayana Refuge vows at a ceremony organized by KMC Slovenia and led by Božena Činkole, Resident Teacher of KMC Slovenia. This is the first time such an event has taken place in Slovenia.

We are deeply grateful to our Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe-la, for this precious opportunity.

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