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07 May 2024


Two powerful and renewing Dharma Celebrations featured Je Tsongkhapa empowerment in the Kadampa World Peace Temple in New York and Buddha Amitayus empowerment in New Zealand.

wisdom, compassion and spiritual power at the NORTHEAST DHARMA CELEBRATION 2024

Over 300 practitioners from the twelve local centers in the Northeast US gathered to receive Je Tsongkhapa empowerment and practical teachings on the Migstema prayer. Here are some of the many quotes overheard that reflect the feeling of this special weekend:

“Coming to events like this remind me how much love there is in the world”

Kadam Morten mentioned at the start that, through being involved in these “celebrations of Dharma”, he can see why they are so central to our tradition. It was clear as the event ended on Sunday with beautiful, sunny skies that everyone felt the same way. From the newest beginners to experienced, long-time Kadampas, the group of practitioners were leaving ready to bring their peaceful experiences back to their local communities–refreshed, uplifted, and joyful.

Kadam Donna, Gen Chogyop, and Kadam Morten all taught throughout the weekend and focused on the three qualities of Je Tsongkhapa: wisdom, compassion, and spiritual power.

In particular, Kadam Morten explained practical ways to use the Migtsema prayer to increase these three qualities in ourselves, and how to open our mind to powerful blessings so we can change for the better. He ended the weekend giving a transmission of using the Migtsema Prayer for healing by relying on Vajrapani, given by Venerable Geshe-la many years ago.

Almost 20 years ago, Venerable Geshe-la opened the Kadampa World Peace Temple in New York, creating an oasis of peace for the world and especially the Northeast US. This place of healing continues to be a marvel to all who come here, serving as a retreat from ordinary life, a place to recharge and re-inspire, and a portal to the Pure Land. We hope to see you here soon.


In April more than 50 Kadampas from around New Zealand gathered for the New Zealand Dharma Celebration. The Celebration featured the blissful empowerment of Buddha Amitayus and commentary to ‘The New Eight Steps to Happiness’ based on Venerable Geshe-la’s teachings from the US Spring Festival 2000.

NKT - CD NEW ZEALAND 2024 Sunrise at the NZDC

During his inspiring teachings, Gen Rabten the National Spiritual Director for New Zealand, emphasized the development of cherishing love as well as how to enhance our love through beautiful and clear instructions on humility. Gen Rabten said that we are often just a tourist in the world of cherishing others, and that before too long, self cherishing calls and we have to go home, back to thinking about ourself. However through consistent effort we can abide as a permanent resident in the land of cherishing others.

The morning meditations were led by Kelsang Lachpa and Kelsang Luma led a short retreat.

NKT - KMC RIO 2024 Cópia de _MLB6719

More Dharma developments in South America

NKT - KMC BARCELONA 2024  2 corte

Opening at KMC Barcelona with Gen-la Dekyong

NKT-IKBU - Kadam Dharma in Spain - KMC Madrid - untitled-0075

Blessing Empowerments

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Spring Festival with the Great Wisdom Protector