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23 April 2024

April filled with blessings

April blessing empowerments took place at KMC Cuernavaca, Mexico; KMC Peru; and KMC Mallorca, Spain. The Centers shared photos and stories so that others could get to know their communities and events - see the photo galleries below.

Medicine Buddha in Cuernavaca, Mexico

In early April at KMC Cuernavaca in Mexico, nearly 90 fortunate individuals had the opportunity to receive Medicine Buddha empowerment from our beloved Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Nampur. It was a joyful and unique event during which we felt the unity in our community. We welcomed some newcomers getting to know our Center and Kadampa practice for the first time.

Avalokiteshvara's blessings at KMC Peru

On the first weekend of April, the community at KMC Perú was fortunate to receive a visit from our National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Sangden, through whom we received profound blessings of Buddha Avalokiteshvara in an event called 'Give Meaning to Your Life.'

In addition to spending time with the entire Sangha, meeting new people, and enjoying a beautiful environment, we received very special and profound teachings on compassion. We especially enjoyed the transmission of the practice of Avalokiteshvara sadhana, with its most important 'stage': the actual training in purifying and transforming the six classes of living being.

All this is due to the great kindness and love of our fFounder, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Thank you, Geshe-la!

Buddha Vajrapani at KMC Mallorca, Spain

We want to share with everyone the enjoyment we had during the empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani given by our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Rigma on April 20 to 21 at KMC Mallorca.

On a bright and sunny day, we joyfully welcomed Buddha Vajrapani into our hearts. Harmony and happiness were palpable and accompanied us throughout the meditations, teachings, and time with Sangha between the sessions. May the power of Buddha Vajrapani swiftly lead us to enlightenment for the benefit of all beings!

NKT-IKBU - Kadampa Canada - Peace Tower & meditators square

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