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09 March 2024

15th Anniversary Celebrations at KMC Monterrey

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, KMC Monterrey organized a weekend of special events with visiting National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Sangden - a public talk, a retreat, and a video presentation, party and puja.

Friday night - public talk: How to Solve our Anger Problem, at the Marco Museum
Gen Sangden explained that the nature of the mind is peace, but out of ignorance we generate attachment and anger, mental disturbances that are our actual enemies.

Saturday - day retreat: How Does the World Exist? 
Gen Sangden explained how to use an understanding of Buddha’s wisdom teachings on how things exist to put an end the problems and suffering we experience in our life.

Sunday - video presentation, Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers & Sangha party.
A lovely gathering where we shared stories from different points in the development of the center.
Thank you very much to everyone who came along!

NKT-IKBU - New Kadampa - South America - KBC Uruguay -DSCF4328

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