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16 February 2024

Finding New Perspective with Visiting Teachers

Special visits at KMC Bilbao, Nagarjuna KMC Leicester, KMC New York, and KMC Helsinki. Visiting teachers traveled to give courses in these centers, showing a new perspective on learning to let go and leading a life of profound purpose.

KMC Bilbao, Spain

KMC Bilbao had a special weekend event taught by Gen Kelsang Rabjor, the Resident Teacher at IKRC Menorca. Gen Rabjor gave very inspiring teachings based on the books Mahamudra Tantra & How to Understand the Mind, by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, explaining the conventional and ultimate nature of the mind and reality.

With his light humor and personal understanding of these profound topics, Gen Rabjor taught how we ourselves can practice these teachings to live lightly and happily, regardless of the situation we are in.

People came from all over the Basque Country and also other areas of Spain, such as Cantabria, Valladolid, Zaragoza and Madrid to enjoy the weekend. Thank you so much Gen Rabjor!

Nagarjuna KMC Leicester - Learning to let go

This February, we hosted a special talk with guest teacher Gen Kelsang Dornying, the Resident Teacher at KMC Leeds. We enjoyed a beautiful day course with a full meditation room and more people online. Many attendees expressed how much they enjoyed the course and how helpful they found it.

Gen Dornying explained that when faced with challenges it takes real wisdom to realize that there is something we need to do inside, rather than trying to change the situation or the person in order to feel happy. And he helped us understand how to accept and not be afraid of painful feelings.

Thank you so much from all of us at Nagarjuna, Leicester!

KMC New York City, US

Almost 200 New Yorkers joined us online and in person for the "A Life of Profound Purpose" course co-led by our Resident Teacher, Kadam Morten, and Kadam Lucy James, the Resident Teacher at KMC Colorado. During this special event, these two senior teachers shared key principles from Venerable Geshe-la’s teachings that they have relied on to stay inspired and purpose-driven throughout their journeys on the Buddhist path.

In particular, they focused on three things:

Firstly, remember emptiness as much as possible. Secondly, perform as many actions as we can with the wish that they bring benefit to everybody. Simply holding this beneficial intention turbocharges the power of everything we do, and has the effect of energizing our mind. Thirdly, have faith because faith in the Spiritual Guide is indispensable on the Buddhist path.

Thank you, Kadam Morten and Kadam Lucy, for a very inspiring day.

KMC Helsinki, Finland


I had heard about the benefits of nine-round breathing meditation and had been hoping to get a direct teaching on this practice for a while. That's why I was really happy when Gen Dragpa taught it to us, and it felt like a really powerful practice. Thank you very much, Gen Dragpa!


Gen Dragpa gave practical and effective meditation methods for busy modern people! We learned how to tame our minds and get a taste of the peace and happiness one can experience through these meditations. Thank you.

We had a wonderful time during Gen Kelsang Dragpa's visit to Helsinki. Due to the Finnish strike, affecting flights and public transport, the Friday public talk was recorded and transmitted online. The Saturday retreat in Helsinki was in-person and online and the short teachings and deep meditations felt very inspiring and blessed.

We are very happy to have received in-person teachings and the opportunity to come together and practice together. A wonderful weekend and an auspicious event for the future development of Kadam Dharma in Finland.


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