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04 February 2024

Long life, Merit and wisdom for 2024

The precious practice of Buddha Amitayus - Buddha of long life, merit, and wisdom is enjoyed at Kadampa Centers at the beginning of each year. KMC Tharpaland, KMC Colombia, KMC France, KMC Cuernavaca, KBC Drolma, and KBC Queretaro have already engaged in this wonderful retreat, requesting blessings for the upcoming year.

KMC Tharpaland

From January 26-28, about 19 people participated - in person or online - in a self-guided Amitayus retreat at Tharpaland KMC. In the Friday's evening introduction, Gen Ananda, the Resident Teacher, encouraged participants to practice the beautiful Yoga of Buddha Amitayus at the beginning of the year to avert obstacles to themselves and others, for the coming year. He explained how relying on Buddha Amitayus through self-generation, in-front-generation, mantra recitation and guru yoga increases our lifespan, happiness and wisdom.

He explained how both generation and completion stage can be practiced in the context of this precious practice and the benefits of long life nectar - and pills. On this basis, the participants were able to guide themselves in a qualified manner in the following eight retreat sessions.

KMC Colombia

Over the weekend of January 13, KMC Colombia held a traditional retreat on the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus, a special method for increasing our lifespan, wisdom, and merit. Almost forty people participated in this blessed practice over two days.

Held in an atmosphere of faith and with great joy each year at the beginning of January, this special retreat never fails to captivate both experienced and first-time practitioners. We thank you, Venerable Geshe-la, for your immeasurable kindness in giving us this powerful practice.

KMC France

On the last weekend of January at KMC France, we engaged in an Amitayus Retreat guided by Romain Abjean. He shared precious teachings on this practice, emphasizing the importance of faith and explaining in detail how to engage in this retreat. This peaceful and joyful weekend offered a valuable opportunity to cultivate wisdom through engaging in the practice of Buddha Amitayus.

KMC Cuernavaca, Mexico

Almost fifty people took refuge in Buddha Amitayus during the retreat we held last weekend at KMC Cuernavaca México. Through the teachings from our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Nampur, we became aware of the importance of living a long life with merit and wisdom so that we can achieve enlightenment.  We also received great inspiration from reciting the beautiful prayers to the Buddha Amitayus.

Thank you, dear Geshe-la, for the sadhana you prepared for us with which we can engage in this blessed retreat!

KBC Drolma, Mexico

In January, at KBC Drolma in Mexico, we organized a retreat of Buddha Amitayus. Thank you very much, our precious Spiritual Guide Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, for giving us this beautiful practice through which we receive the blessings of Buddha Amitayus and so increase our lifespan, wisdom, and merit.

May all beings enjoy such good fortune!

KBC Queretaro

In January at KBC Queretaro, 26 delighted participants enjoyed two wonderful days of Buddha Amitayus Retreat and the Wishfulfilling Jewel puja with tsog offerings. We are wishing all beings a long life, merit, and wisdom!

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