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26 November 2023

Events in France

Enjoy some of the recent events in France... kids classes & sangha time at KMC France, a special event at KMC Montpelier and an empowerment at Menlha KBC, Marseille.

Kadampa Meditation Centre France


Kids classes & Sangha Celebrations

At Dharma Centres around the world, in addition to the daily program of meditation classes, courses and chanted pujas, there are also many wonderful additional activities such as kids classes and community time.  Recently at KMC France they had an extremely joyful, slightly silly and immensely meaningful Dharma for Children class and they also took time to celebrate the birthday of some of their Sangha members. 

The children’s class was a great success. After leading a short meditation the teacher encouraged the children to use the power of their imagination to connect to happiness and a good heart wanting to benefit others.  Through listening and fun activities such as drawing, dancing, and physical exercises the children were able to bring extraordinary superheroes to life!  The children's laughter and smiles were contagious and by the end everyone was very happy!

Meanwhile there is a birthday party every month at the Château and this celebration was for everyone born in October and November.  Some lovely moments of cherishing each other and relaxing with Sangha friends. 


Kadampa Meditation Centre Montpelier

Guèn Konchog et Kadam Olivier

Freeing Yourself from the Past

It was wonderful to see the meditation room full at KMC Montpelier for a weekend course on the theme 'Freeing Yourself from the Past'  with visiting Guest Teacher Gen Konchog from KMC Metz and Kadam Olivier the Resident Teacher in Montpelier.

The teachings emphasised the importance of identifying the self correctly and how through regular meditation and understanding the mind it is possible to change how we view our self and others in positive ways. Participants were able to find a new perspective on the past, bring a lightness and freedom into the present and create the possibility of a different future free from suffering!

It was a wonderful day with lively discussions and sincere and joyful teachers.

Merci à ces deux merveilleux enseignants! 

Merci à tous les participants grâce à qui tout ceci est possible! 

Merci infiniment à Vénérable Guéshé-la!



Menlha KBC

"An extraordinary day in Marseille at  Menlha KBC. We had the great fortune to receive Je Tsongkhapa empowerment and benefit from his powerful blessings. Thank you to everyone who participated in this incredible event".


Pathway to the Pure Land

Brazil NKT-Festival_MLB3006

Liberating Blessings in Brazil


My Living Meditation – New Kadampa Blogs

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Slovenia - KMC Ljubljana -IMG_8160

Purification Blessings at KMC Slovenia