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17 November 2023

Blessings pervading our World

Empowerments in Kadampa Centers are always special celebrations, bringing the community together to participate in a unique blessing ceremony. This month there were many empowerments granted by Kadampa Teachers throughout the world at Festivals and at Kadampa Centers. The positive minds and energy we generate during these events is of great benefit to our world making a meaningful contribution to world peace.

Kadampa Centers in Madrid and Alicante, Spain, as well as New York, USA, organized Empowerments of Buddha Vajrapani, the Buddha of Spiritual Power. Additionally, Uma KMC in the UK held a Buddha Maitreya Empowerment, and KMC Glasgow in Scotland organized a Green Tara Empowerment.

Alicante - EmpowermentPHOTO-2023-11-07-11-34-30


This November, over 120 individuals from the Spanish and English Sangha gathered at KMC Madrid-La Sierra to receive the empowering blessings of Buddha Vajrapani, the embodiment of spiritual power, bestowed by the Resident Teacher, Gen Tsongmo.

"The empowerment was not only beautiful but also inspiring, opening the door of our faith to the potent blessings of Guru Vajrapani, enriching our Sutra and Tantric practices. Each morning, we immersed ourselves in a guided meditation, culminating in a meaningful retreat on the practice of The Yoga of Buddha Vajrapani."

Buddha Vajrapani Empowerment at Heruka KBC, Spain

Buddha Vajrapani Empowerment at KMC New York City, USA

"Who would we be without our anger, our attachment, our insecurities?" Kadam Morten asked the almost 250 New Yorkers gathered for last weekend's empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani. With this simple but profound question, the door was opened for the participants to envision an entirely new world for themselves and others.

From KMC New York:
"Following the empowerment on Saturday, we spent the weekend engaging in the practice of the Yoga of Buddha Vajrapani, the actual method for accomplishing a completely liberated mind that has the power to liberate all living beings."

Buddha Maitreya Empowerment at Uma KMC, UK

A wonderful empowerment at Uma KMC, UK with Resident Teacher Gen Demo, followed by a day retreat on the Yoga of Buddha Maitreya.

Green Tara Empowerment at KMC Glasgow, Scotland

Green Tara Empowerment with Gen Kelsang Cho. Attendees from all over Scotland received teachings on how to solve their daily problems by relying upon Buddha Tara.

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Dharma arrives in new cities

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