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26 October 2023

Post-festival retreats around the world

Recently, five more Kadampa Meditation Centers located in the Grand Canyon, Menorca, Fraser Valley, Hong Kong, and Tharpaland in Germany concluded their post-festival retreats. Explore the highlights and insights from these experiences.

IKRC Grand Canyon


"Gen Kelsang Sangden led a Post Fall Festival Retreat at IKRC Grand Canyon from Oct 20-25, on the Eleven Reversals with Medicine Buddha Sadhana and Medicine Buddha Prayer. Thirty fortunate retreaters were able to spend four sessions a day immersed in meditation with these precious Kadam Lamrim teachings. "

International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon

KMC Fraser Valley

"We were very fortunate to have the visiting teacher, Gen Rinzin from KMC Seattle, share teachings from the recent Fall Festival in Malaga, Spain. He skillfully reviewed and explained the 11 reversals with our Sangha community. In this peaceful and lovely setting, we enjoyed meaningful Dharma, friendship, delicious food, and nature. Thank you, Gen Rinzin"

Kadampa Meditation Centre Fraser Valley

KMC Hong Kong


Tharpaland KMC

new-kadampa-IKRC-tharpaland_ Bild 2023-10-24 um 14.03.23_7a7a726d

“A Healing for the Heart”: Post Fall Festival Retreat at Tharpaland KMC with Gen Ananda
We had a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into the teachings and practices given by Gen-la Khyenrab at the International Fall Festival, emphasising the practice of the Eleven Reversals and Medicine Buddha Sadhana under the skilful guidance of Gen Ananda. Many new students attended the retreat and were riveted from the word go! Tharpaland provides a perfect place for retreat and the half-day silence complemented the meditations nicely. As one attendee said, “First time in years, I felt really safe.”

Kadampa Meditation Centre Tharpaland

NKT-IKBU - Kadampa - Colombia - Bogota - IMG_20240622_175247

Peaceful minds in peaceful environments

NKT - KMC BARCELONA - 2024 (25)

Northern Dharma Celebration in Spain


Profound Teachings from Buddha’s Heart ~ Summer Festival 2024

NKT - KMC ARGENTINA - 2024 (22)

What’s on in Argentina