13 October 2023

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Developing a Pure Heart

October 6 - 12, 2023

Empowerment of Medicine Buddha
Teachings on The Eleven Reversals

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The Final Day of the Festival

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It’s been a very special, blessed Festival, and now like a pure dream, the Festival draws to a close, but leaves everyone forever changed.

It has been so wonderful to be at KMC Spain, witness the extraordinary developments that have taken place here and to see how it functions so well as a venue for International Festivals. From beginning to end everyone rejoiced in the purity and beauty of the temple and felt its power as a place of refuge, teaching and meditation.

Do I want to receive the powerful blessings of all Buddhas



Everyone leaves filled with spiritual jewels and having enjoyed precious time with Sangha. There are many hugs and warm smiles as people begin to leave. Two coaches go to Granada to visit a property purchased by the NKT for a beautiful Dharma Centre. More details on that trip will come in another post, but it is an exquisite building and an exciting project that will create a home for Dharma in the place that was the home of our Spiritual Guide for many years.

In the words of one participant, “This is one of the most beautiful festivals I have attended. I now understand the purpose of festivals as a group accumulation of merit that we can use to benefit others.”

So we conclude our Festival with many prayers and dedications for world peace, and with many people returning to their homes with renewed energy to flourish Dharma. As Venerable Geshe-la often said, “Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.”


Students from all over the world like to take a group photo with the Sangha from their country or Dharma centre. Here are just a few of them.

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Powerful Blessings at the Mountain Retreat


Finding Peace and Letting Go in Swansea, Wales

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Argentina - KMC Cordoba - anniversary -202402 cordoba 10 anios-72

Past, Present and Future at KMC Cordoba – 10th anniversary!

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Spain - KMC Barcelona -IMG-20240211-WA0009

Retreats Drawing to an End