12 October 2023

International Fall Festival 2023 diaries

Medicine Buddha new

Developing a Pure Heart

October 6 - 12, 2023

Empowerment of Medicine Buddha
Teachings on The Eleven Reversals

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The Preciousness of Retreat


After receiving a wealth of teachings, we complete the Festival with a day and a half of retreat beautifully and skilfully guided by Gen Rabten. The emphasis is on the first of the eleven reversals, taking us step by step through the meditation on relying on the Spiritual Guide from the book Mirror of Dharma with additions. He gives everyone a lot of time to contemplate, find their own object of meditation and meditate to deepen our familiarity with that object. Then we engage in the Medicine Buddha Sadhana as an extension of our faith, visualising our Spiritual Guide in this pure, healing aspect. Each day concludes with the Medicine Buddha Prayers, where we use the connection we have made with Medicine Guru to make powerful prayers and visualisations to heal the mental continuum of all living beings.

Meditating together in quiet harmony and in the extremely peaceful setting of the temple, with all its beauty, it is easy to connect to the pure world of Medicine Buddha and to the minds of admiring, believing and wishing faith.


Fall Festival 2023 Impressions

Becoming familiar with the Eleven Reversals



Overall there is a sense of gratitude for such a magical Festival, for the teachings, for this precious retreat time and for this blessed environment that so many worked so hard to create. All coming from the blessings of our Founder and Root Guru Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, who has ensured we have everything we need to stay uplifted, inspired and to continue growing spiritually as a world-wide community of practitioners.

In the words of some of the Festival participants:

“The temple is very light, transparent and indescribably magical. It is a source of thankfulness, love and harmony.”

“When my mind is connected and receiving blessings it feels light, buoyant, clear and peaceful - just like this temple which is a perfect manifestation of a blessed mind.”

“One thing is understanding the power of the blessings we can receive and how the power of those blessings can make everything seem very attainable for us. "


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