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14 September 2023

The Wishfulfilling Jewel in Switzerland

This past weekend, 160 enthusiastic participants gathered for our tri-national Dharma Festival hosted at Kailash International Retreat Centre in Switzerland. Attendees from Switzerland, Italy, and Austria came together both in person and online.

One of the most profound moments of the festival was the empowerment of the Protector Buddha Dorje Shugden, bestowed by the National Spiritual Director of Switzerland, Austria and Italy, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang. Furthermore, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang offered inspiring commentaries on daily Heart Jewel practice, providing invaluable insights.

The festival atmosphere was characterized by a sense of joy and peace. The heartfelt exchanges among Sangha members from these three countries deepened our spiritual connections in the blessed and tranquil environment of Kailash International Retreat Centre.

Group Photo 2024

Intensive Teacher Training Program 2024 drawing to an end


New Statues Appear

ITTP work day

Resident Teachers preparing for the Festival


Preparations are underway, the Festival is very close