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06 July 2023


Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche recognized that everyone can benefit from the teachings of Buddha, no matter their age. He wrote four books that give a clear explanation of the essence of Buddhism and its relevance to modern living.

Although written primarily for children, everyone – parents, teachers and people of all ages – can benefit from reading these books.

This video is subtitled in many languages - choose your language.

During a recent family weekend at Manjushri KMC, a number of of parents and children shared their enthusiasm for these books from Tharpa Publications.

“The language that’s used in them is really simple and easy to understand.”

“Beautifully done, with lovely pictures and very well written. It’s not too wordy, so for a whole family and for children as well, I think it’s an incredibly useful tool to use.”


The four books are:

The Story of Angulimala, The Story of Buddha, What is Buddhism and What is Meditation

Some of themes addressed are:

  • How to stop being angry and harmful
  • How to be calm and peaceful
  • How to be loving and kind towards each other
  • A simple breathing meditation

The books are translated into many languages. From tharpa.com choose the website of your country and look for the childrens books page in the menu.

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