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14 May 2023

A Week of Worldwide Blessings

Read about some of the other wonderful activities taking place throughout the world last week


IKRC Grand Canyon

Over the weekend more than 70 people came from all over the US and even as far away as Colombia to join in the teachings and meditations on the conventional and ultimate nature of the mind at IKRC Grand Canyon.

Gen-la Jampa gave a series of teachings followed by a 2-day retreat with Gen Tabkay from KMC Phoenix.

Kailash IKRC

This week on May 3, Kailash International Retreat Centre had the good fortune to make itself known to hundreds of people in the local region.

"We were invited to present ourselves at a Trade Fair in a nearby town by Lonza, one of the largest companies and international employers in the area.

"It was an excellent opportunity to showcase Kailash and all its activities to our very interested local community."

KMC Tharpaland

Last weekend we had a rare opportunity to share experiences with the Leipzig Tara Centre in the meditation retreat on the nature of mind at Tharpaland KMC. One participant said, "It was again a special event because it emphasized the Sangha more."

KMC Tampa Bay

Meanwhile, back in the USA,  wonderful gathering of sangha for their annual empowerment! This year Kadam Michelle gave the blessing empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa, the embodiment of wisdom, compassion and spiritual power.

KMC New York

KMC New York temple had a beautiful and sunny weekend as close to 70 people attended the public talk, Overcoming Anxiety, and Sunday breakfast with Prayers for World Peace. These three events make up our Catskills Getaway Weekend, a perfect balance of meditation, relaxation, and enjoying the Temple grounds.

KMC Fraser Valley

On Saturday, May 6th visiting teacher Gen Kelsang Zopa from Kadampa Meditation Centre Victoria, came to Langley to give a day class on A Buddhist Perspective on Identity. It was a most relevant and profound teaching. So many people commented on how moved they were and how they thoroughly enjoyed it.

KMC Vancouver

Over the past two months, KMC Vancouver has engaged in purification practices, beginning with a Centre cleaning and a "Spring Cleaning for the Mind" general program series. This journey continued with a two-day Nyungnay retreat and a six-day Vajrasattva retreat led by Gen Kelsang Sanden. The peaceful, enriching experience deepened participants' connections to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, the three most precious jewels.

KMC Canada

On April 30th, 2023, Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada organised their annual Walk for World Peace to promote world peace through inner peace.

They started the day with an inspirational talk about the International Temples Project, followed by a walk around High Park, the largest park in the city of Toronto.It was raining but the community was really motivated to walk for world peace no matter what.

It was a successful fundraiser!


Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong organised during 5-10 May a silent meditation retreat on Tranquil Abiding at Kadoorie Centre in Yuen Long.


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