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18 November 2022


This year the Nordic Dharma Celebration was hosted by Kadampa Meditation Centre Copenhagen in Denmark, where over 60 people from the Nordic sangha were fortunate enough to meet in-person and via online recordings, to celebrate with Gen Kelsang Dragpa, Nordic Regional Spiritual Director.


"People from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands received clear and precious teachings on karma and purification, along with a special blessing and empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva from the Nordic Regional Spiritual Director Gen Kelsang Dragpa, as well as skillfully guided meditations led by Kadam Tim from KMC Copenhagen.

"For those based here in the Nordic Region, this was an auspicious gathering, where practitioners, both new and experienced, had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Dharma and share meaningful insights. This peaceful, positive celebration has been a glistening jewel of wisdom and compassion for the Nordic Region.

"Thank you to our kind teachers and to all those who joined."

"Fantastic powerful weekend with people from many countries.  Great atmosphere filled with love and compassion."
Christian, Copenhagen, Denmark

“We had a beautiful Nordic Dharma Celebration with Kelsang Dragpa. We were granted Buddha Vajrasattva Empowerment and received profound teachings on how to purify negativities and obstructions and how to gain control over our mind.
Deepest gratitude to our Spiritual Guide, our teacher Gen Kelsang Dragpa. Thank you to all the diligent Dharma practitioners who arranged this wonderful celebration, and all the beautiful people who attended it. We are very fortunate to have received such powerful blessings and deep insights.”
Vilda, Oslo, Norway

"The Nordic Dharma Celebration was a wonderful experience where I gained new friendships and a deeper understanding of karma and how to purify our minds."
Karen, Copenhagen, Denmark

"We had a great celebration, with clear and profound teachings, thanks to the great effort of the Nordic Sangha.  Beginning in each of our hearts, we can feel the Kadampa union growing in our hearts, in the Nordic region, The Netherlands and in the rest of the world."
Pavlina, Oslo, Norway

For more information visit meditateincopenhagen.org