06 September 2022

Powerful Inspiration in the U.S. CapitAl

Post Festival Retreat at KMC Washington DC with Gen Demo

Recently at Kadampa Meditation Center Washington, DC, Resident Teacher and U.S. Midwestern National Spiritual Director Gen Kelsang Demo guided a Post Summer Festival Retreat drawn from some of the most profound teachings given in Weeks 1 and 2 of the International Summer Festival.

"Gen Demo counselled us to practice Mahamudra and meditation in general like a broad flowing river rather than a waterfall created by a storm that is soon exhausted. Energized by her advice, the many in-person and online practitioners happily engaged in these life-changing meditations. One participant said they were moved to see so many people meditating to improve their happiness motivated by the wish to remove suffering from this world. This powerful retreat in the heart of the U.S. Capitol was inspiring for everyone who attended."