04 September 2022

Dharma Celebrations in September

September will see three Kadampa Dharma Celebrations: The Quebec Dharma Celebration, UK Dharma Celebration & Nordic Dharma Celebration.

Quebec Dharma Celebration 2022

Blessing empowerment of Dorje Shugden

With Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab,
September 23rd-25th 2022, at Kadampa Meditation Center Montreal

At this Dharma Celebration, join people from all over Quebec to contemplate the profound teachings of our National Spiritual Director Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab and receive the empowerment of Dorje Shugden, the Dharma Protector.

For more information and to register visit the Quebec Dharma Celebration website at: https://meditationamontreal.org/en/celebration-du-dharma-au-quebec-2022/

UK Dharma Celebration 2022

Blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha

With Kadam Bridget Heyes,
In-person or online
September 23rd-26th 2022, at Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Center Thornby

The United Kingdom Dharma Celebration is an annual event where people from the whole UK have a chance to come together and celebrate the teachings of Modern Buddhism in a peaceful yet vibrant environment. This festival is characterised by joy, positive energy and the kindness of others as it is all run by volunteers.

During this event, we will receive special teachings and meditations on living a happy, meaningful and positive life derived from the ancient wisdom of Buddha, presented in modern and practical ways that suit our busy lives.

For more information and to register visit the UK Dharma Celebration website at: https://meditateinnorthants.com/product/uk-dharma-celebration-23-26-september-save-the-date/

Nordic Dharma Celebration 2022

Blessing empowerment of Vajrasattva

With Gen Kelsang Dragpa, Nordic Spiritual Director
November 11 - 13, 2022 at KMC Copenhagen

At this year’s Nordic Dharma Celebration, taking place in Copenhagen, we will discover how our mind creates our reality, and how a pure mind brings happiness. This is because a pure mind creates a pure world and, as our mind changes, so our world changes.

Through listen to teachings, practicing meditation and receiving the blessing empowerment of Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification, we will learn how to remove the obstacles and negativity in our mind so that we can experience a happiness that lasts.

For more information and to register visit the Nordic Dharma Celebration website at: https://meditateincopenhagen.org/event/ndc2022/