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23 August 2022

Journey into the heart

KMC London’s Weekend Retreat with Gen la Khyenrab

"Last weekend, many practitioners from all over the world, and of all levels of experience, gathered together in the Morden temple for world peace to engage in Gen la Khyenrab’s special weekend retreat on Mahamudra.

"Everybody enjoyed Gen la’s clear and inspiring presentation - along with his occasional injection of retreat-suitable British humour - and the opportunity to journey into their heart through the blissful practice of Mahamudra. By the end, everyone finished the retreat feeling joyful, happy and inspired to gain deeper experience of these profound meditations. A magical weekend!

"Before the retreat Gen-la Khyenrab kindly gave a Sojong Ceremony for the fortunate ordained Sangha. It was a great opportunity to reflect upon and strengthen our ordination vows, and gather together as fortunate monks and nuns."

What people said

‘Unbelievable retreat’

‘It was such a joy to gather together and meditate on these profound instructions of Mahamudra’

‘Gen la’s instructions were so clear and practical, at the same time as being engaging and fun - what a brilliant weekend!’

‘I feel like I’ve come home’