11 June 2022

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Welcome to the 2022 Spring Festival

Day 1 ~ Temple Opening.

Finally the 2022 Spring Festival has begun!

First was the blessing of the Sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace, which was in two stages. In the first part Gen-la Dekyong, the General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, conducted the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony followed by the second part, blessing the shrine.

See the next post for amazing videos and photos of this.

the ribbon cutting

festival podcast

Welcome to spring festival 2022

Gen Rabten
Gen Rabten
Welcome to spring festival 2022

A look ahead to what lies in store at the Festival

25 new ordained Sangha appear

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In the afternoon a very special ordination ceremony took place at a nearby modern Art Theatre. Twenty-five fortunate kadampa practitioners were newly ordained by Gen-la Khyenrab and over a hundred monks and nuns were there as witnesses and to retake their own ordination vows. When asked their experience of the ceremony one monk said, “It was glorious” and that Gen-la made if feel clear and uncomplicated to be a Kadama ordained person. During the ceremony Gen-la emphasized the importance of following Buddha’s example, and being inspired by Buddha’s life. It was very special for so many ordained to be able to gathered together once again, after such a long time.

3, 000 people arrive

Throughout the day joyful Kadampas arrived at the Festival. Imagine the delight  of meeting up with old friends and making new friends for the first time in nearly three years.

Temple Opening