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17 May 2022

Journey to a Pure Land in Canada

A festival celebrating Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Just before the Canadian Festival at Toronto Don Valley Hotel, Gen-la Khyenrab gave a Public Talk attended by over 200 people. During the festival, he gave the blessing empowerment of Amitayus, Buddha of Long life, Good Fortune and Wisdom and teachings on the Buddhist way of loving-kindness.

"Whether religious or non-religious, everyone is looking for happiness all the time and wants to be free from suffering and problems permanently. We can fulfil these wishes through understanding and practising the instructions given during this festival.

"I will cherish all living beings without exception because this precious mind of love is the supreme method for solving all problems and fulfilling all wishes."

"We have much Dharma knowledge, but we need Buddha's blessings; this is our main practice. We ask ourselves, 'How is my faith functioning today? How do we know our faith is functioning?' We are strong, courageous, and resilient, protected by our peace of mind.

"The National Spiritual Director challenged the audience to recognize that samsara is the experience of a self-centred mind so that they can develop a sincere determination to destroy self-cherishing and truly help others by becoming Sangha for each other: supreme spiritual friends.

"This festival is the perfect opportunity to practice the precious instructions from The New Eight Steps to Happiness."