01 March 2022

Inspiring pujas, inspiring times

In a sign that we are emerging from the pandemic restrictions and returning to normal operations - but with renewed vigor - many centers held full length in-person retreats over January. And some finished with fire pujas and self initiation pujas on site. Here we feature three of these - each with a remarkable story to tell.

KMC France

KMC France had record numbers for their fire pujas this year - 37 participants for the Vajrayogini Fire Puja and 28 for the Heruka Fire Puja.

Tharpaland KMC

Tharpaland KMC had 20 people participate in their Vajrayogini Fire Puja this year, which was followed later by a self-initiation.

KMC Wellington, New Zealand

KMC Wellington held the first fire puja in New Zealand for over 16 years!