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01 December 2021

A Rain of Wisdom Blessings in Portugal

Last weekend, 93 people attended the Portuguese National Festival and received Manjushri empowerment both in person and online from Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang at KMC Deuachen. Gen Kelsang Rigden, Resident Teacher of KMC Deuachen led the meditations. It was a wonderful festival!

During the Festival, a special dedication was made:

"May all the activities of KMC Deuachen and its branches be blessed and protected. May holy Kadam Dharma flourish throughout  Portugal and the whole world and benefit all beings without exception.

"May our community, our families, friends and benefactors always be under the care of Buddha Manjushri, who loves all migrators in this prison of samsara like an only child and eliminates the darkness of ignorance from our minds."

Preparing the temple for the festival