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12 September 2021

The power to change & more

While waiting for the work on the new building for KMC Leeds to be completed, the Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Rabten, is visiting various centers in the UK. This weekend he was at KMC Birmingham, where he gave a day course entitled The Power to Change. Here's what they said:

"Around 100 people enjoyed a wonderful day course today taught by Gen Kelsang Rabten.

"During the course, Gen Rabten skilfully guided us towards developing the wish, confidence and power to change our minds. He explained that this is the only lasting and effective method to change our experience of life for the better.

"Thank you to everyone that attended and helped at the course and a special thank you to Gen Kelsang Rabten for such helpful and engaging teachings."

"Next Saturday Gen Rabten will be teaching a day course at Madhyamaka KMC in Yorkshire entitled Overcoming Loneliness & Disconnectedness. More information and booking.